The kitchen the heart and soul of a home; it is one of the most important rooms when it comes to planning and design. The kitchen is not just a place for cooking, but also a place where friends and families gather and in many cases is the inspirational centrepiece of your home. Therefore, it is a great idea to use bespoke kitchen designs to create the kitchen you always dreamed of. Expert joinery solutions can help you create the best quality bespoke furniture for your dream kitchen. With that in mind here are some elements to consider for bespoke kitchen designs along with their benefits.

Bespoke Kitchen Designs

Ideas for Bespoke Kitchen Designs

There are many uniquely crafted elements you can add to complete your kitchen ideas. These include:

Wine Racks

The perfect way to store and display your wine collection. Wine racks add character to your kitchen and you can incorporate them into the décor of your overall kitchen design.

Kitchen Islands

An island not only adds more space to prepare food but also a place for gatherings and parties or just having breakfast. Kitchen islands are extremely versatile and you can incorporate them into your design in many number of ways.

Storage Units

With custom built storage units and shelving you can add functionality to your kitchen area without sacrificing on style. Whether you need pull out drawers or kitchen island cupboards we can create the best quality storage for your needs.

Counter Tops

Your counter top is your main area for preparing, cooking and serving food. As such, you need a custom made counter top that will fit your practical needs while also adding visual appeal.

Breakfast Bars

A well placed breakfast bar creates a space for eating and socialising when kitchen space is limited. Whether near a window or built into a kitchen island, breakfast bars add style and functionality to your kitchen area.

These are just some ideas that can help improve your bespoke kitchen designs and help create your ideal kitchen.

Benefits of Bespoke Kitchen Designs

  • Style – Whether you are after a sleek and modern look or a warm and traditional one, custom built furniture can complement the style of your dream kitchen in many ways.
  • Durability – Custom made furniture is designed to last you a long time and will stand up to heavy duty usage.
  • Functionality – With custom built furniture you can make your kitchen as practical to use as possible while still looking great and performing well.
  • Appeal – Being the main focal point of your home, a custom made kitchen will add a lot of visual appeal that both you and your visitors will admire.

C Bros Joinery

Here at C Bros Joinery we have had many years of experience working with architects and carpenters to create unique elements for bespoke kitchens throughout London. Our aim is to take your plans and create the kitchen you always dreamed of. To find out more about our range of custom furniture we invite you to get in touch with us online or via phone today.