Are you building or renovating your home and want a specific style of furniture to go with your design? Why not use fitted furniture made by high quality joiners? Bespoke furniture allows you to fit out each room of your home to your own personal flair and needs. We can expertly craft each piece of furniture to add the right style to your room. In addition, our bespoke furniture will add the right amount of functionality you need. So, what sort of furniture can you make for each room in the home? Here are some ideas for fitted furniture that you should find useful.

Fitted Furniture


With fitted furniture you can design your kitchen with both style and practicality in mind. You can create surfaces such as benches and tables using a range of durable materials. You can also combine them with well fitted stools or chairs according to taste. Drawers and cupboards can be inserted into kitchen islands, benches and other areas as needed. Also, you can choose special shelving such as wine racks to add an air of finesse to your cooking space.


With bespoke furniture you can turn your study room into an effective home office or library. You can easily use built in desks and shelving to incorporate the modern working lifestyle. If required you can even use furniture designs that fold away easily. This will give you as much space as you need for any other tasks you have to perform. With a range of wood materials and furniture designs on offer you can create a study area that exactly suits your purpose.

Living Room

The living room is the area where family and friends tend to gather for relaxation and entertainment. Why not use fitted furniture such as bespoke shelving to liven up the area and provide space to store your TV, books, and other items. Along with drawers, tables and even seating you can create a bespoke home cinema for your next night in.


The hallway tends to be neglected when it comes to planning but receives a lot of traffic for such a small space. As such, why not consider bespoke furniture for keeping your hallway looking neat and tidy? Small tables are a good idea for basic decorations and easy to reach items, while wall hooks and built-in storage will help keep discarded clothes organised and out of the way.


As we spend much of our lives asleep, it only makes sense that we should have bedroom fitted furniture designed specifically to our needs. Bespoke bedding, chairs and desks can add both comfort and style to your bedroom area. In addition, there are a wealth of storage possibilities from wardrobes, dressers and more that can be made specific to your tastes.

C Bros Joinery

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