“What is joinery?” may be a simple question, but the answer is slightly more complicated. What most people want to know is, what’s the difference between a joiner and a carpenter? Both work chiefly with wood, of course, but there’s a subtle distinction between the way the two trades operate.

C Bros Joinery is a family-run business founded in 2007. Our skilled and experienced team are committed to providing high quality joinery at a cost-effective price. We build relationships with our customers, making sure they get exactly what they want. If our customers aren’t happy, then neither are we. Read on to find some answers to the question “what is joinery?”

What is Joinery?

Joinery v carpentry

Both carpenters and joiners are directly involved in the construction trade. In fact, any new-build or renovation would be in serious trouble without their services. But what exactly is the difference between the kind of work that they do? Let’s take a look at joiners first.

What a joiner does

Essentially, joiners create objects by cutting and joining wood, which is where the name comes from of course. These objects can be anything from window frames and door frames to high-end bespoke furniture. Commonly they build these items for particular projects, meaning they are made to measure. Usually this is done in a workshop, and then the items are taken to the site.

What a carpenter does

Generally speaking, a carpenter will work on site rather than in a workshop. When the items made by the joiner arrive there, it will be the carpenter’s job to fix them in place. Naturally there’s room for some crossover of trades, because both have been trained in woodworking. But in simple terms, it’s probably fair to say that carpenters fit what joiners have built.

So what is joinery?

In the grand scheme of things, joinery is the hands-on element of interior design. An architect or designer may come in and create a beautiful plan for a refurbishment or new home. But along with other trades, it’s a joiner’s job to turn that plan into reality. It could be a magnificent bespoke staircase or a cleverly concealed storage unit. Whatever the requirement, a skilled joiner will be able to build it to fit precisely and to the highest standards.

C Bros Joinery

Here at C Bros Joinery we specialise in bespoke furniture for every room in the home. It’s now common for people to design their own kitchen to suit the needs of their family. Our skilled joiners can help transform individual ideas into a dream kitchen.

If you’re creating an office it will need a comfortable place to work and lots of storage. We’re happy to work with our customers to find the perfect solution at the most cost-effective price.

Doors and windows in older properties can be irregular shapes and sizes. For experienced joiners that isn’t a problem. A bespoke solution from C Bros Joinery can add significant value to any property.

To learn more, why not get in touch with us to discuss your next project.